Kids have this funny tendency to want toys SO badly, especially when a birthday or the holidays approach. But, for as much as they beg and plead, most toys tend to get banished after just a few uses. Banished to the bottom of the toy box, of course.

To avoid the frustration of seeing those (often expensive) playthings toss aside, take a pass through the toy box regularly. Anything that you haven’t seen make an appearance in a while can go in a separate bin or bag: the recycle area.

This doesn’t mean you’re going to actually recycle these toys, it just means they’re going to serve a new purpose!

If the toys are still in pretty good condition and your kids no longer want them, you should definitely give them to a charity like Toys For Tots or to your local church. There is always somewhere looking for toys to give to less fortunate kids, and this should ALWAYS be your first option, rather than toss them away.

However, if your retired toys are no longer in tip-top shape, you should definitely try some these toy hacks! What are toy hacks, you ask? Well, they’re clever ways to reuse your kids’ toys around the house, in your decor, and to solve some of your everyday conundrums.

Check out a few of our favorite toy hacks, shared with us by the HouseholdHacker, and make sure to watch the video below to get all of their amazing toy tricks.

Army Man Bowl

Bowl made of melted army men.HouseholdHacker
Everyone had those green, plastic army men at one point in their childhood. If your child is long over theirs or if you have your old platoon from your childhood, this is a really cool way to transform this toy!

All you need is a metal bowl, a heat gun, and your plastic figurines. Line the bottom of the bowl with a layer of army men, and use your heat gun to melt them down until they begin to melt together. Add layers of army men to give bulk to your bowl, melting them just enough so they meld, but not so much that they’ve completely lost their shape.

Let your plastic men dry and shape to the bowl for a few hours. When you pop it out, you’ll have an incredibly unique bowl to display in your kitchen or living room!

Slinky Bird Feeder

DIY bird feeder with a slinky.HouseholdHacker
Want to make sure that all the outdoor critters are fed? You can make your own feeder using a slinky, a couple steel clamp, wire, and a bag of nuts. Put your clamps together and pull your slinky through.

Through the opening at the top, pour in your bag of nuts and tie off your slinky. Add a wire loop to the top so you can hang your DIY feeder in your backyard.

Basketball Flower Vase

Hack your children's toys.HouseholdHacker
Your kids quit basketball camp three years ago and you’re certainly not hitting the court too much any more, so what are you to do with that slightly deflated basketball? Turn it into a flower pot, of course!

Cut a hole in the top with sharp scissors and plop a full flower pot right into the opening! It’s the perfect combination of sophistication and sports, however, you could always wrap some shiny foil or burlap to cover the basketball but keep the unique shape.


What do you think of these toy hacks? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.