Here’s a Towel Folding Hack That You Need For Summer

There are all sorts of common tasks that not everyone does the same way. We sort of assume that we’re doing things the “right” way, but if you’re copying what your parents did, there might be a better way.

Examples of common tasks that different people do differently are loading the dishwasher, folding clothes, packing a suitcase, tying shoes and folding towels. While you might believe there is only one way to do each of these things correctly, it’s possible that every once in awhile you might learn a new hack that will make you change your ways.

Several years ago, we learned a hack for folding towels that we’ve been using ever since. It keeps our towels looking nice and neat on a shelf or over a towel rack in the bathroom. We thought that was the best way to fold a towel, but today we learned a new towel folding hack that we’re excited to try.

It turns out that the best way to fold a towel when you’re putting it over a towel rack is different than the best way to fold a towel when you’re taking it to the gym or the beach. This new hack helps towels stay nice and neat in a gym or beach bag. It also gives a perfectly rolled towel look, and it only takes seconds to implement.

Watch the video below to learn this amazing towel hack for yourself.

Are you ready to go refold all of your beach towels right now too? Just us?

How do you usually fold your towels? Are you going to try this new towel folding hack? Have you ever thought that you were doing a common task such as folding towels or packing a suitcase the correct way only to learn a better way?