Here’s a Hack That Will Help You Rescue Those Weak or Torn Fingernails!

If your nails are anything like mine, they are not the strongest. Though there are plenty of ways to focus on strengthening nails by altering your diet and using topical remedies, sometimes you may end up left with that spontaneous and dreaded “ripped nail scenario.” Luckily, we have a great beauty hack for you that will help you repair torn nails safely and easily.

Today’s tip comes from a tastemaker with TODAY named Anna De Souza. This beauty guru knows a ton about keeping up appearances. In fact, she looks like a gal who knows just what to do in all of those emergency manicure situations!

So, if you bust a nail, but still don’t want to sacrifice the length, listen to what Anna has to say. Just follow these simple steps:
  1. Grab a teabag

    Any flavor will do. Just make sure that it is a variety that you don’t mind parting with!

  2. Make your cuts

    Using a small pair of scissors—we love slicing with baby nail scissors for this hack—cut off a small square of material from the netted bag. You’ll lose some tea in the process, but we promise that you’ll thank us later!

    Next, trim down the material so that it forms to a square that is big enough to cover the nail that is torn or damaged. Bring it up to your nail and size it to fit. You may need to make some small snips to ensure that it forms easily to your cuticle.

  3. Add adhesive

    Your “adhesive” in this case will be in the form of clear nail polish. Cleanse your hands and brush on a coat of this polish to your nail, then quickly stick on that tea bag cut-out. (We suggest using tweezers for this step.) You should notice that the material blends almost seamlessly into your nail.

    Once the tea bag is flush, apply one more coat of clear polish over the material. Give time for drying. And no cheating! The polish must be completely hardened in order for the process to work.

  4. Buff away

    Grab a buffer and delicately start to sand down the nail. Be sure to do your best to complete this step as gently as possible. Otherwise, you may end up with some sticky netting on your filing tool.

  5. Beautify your nails!

    Once your super ginger buffing process is complete, grab your favorite nail polish and brush on.

And voila! Gorgeous nails that look long and strong. If you follow the steps carefully, the “nail Band-Aid” should be nearly undetectable. How’s that for an awesome tip?

Watch TODAY’s video below to see this hot tip in action! Remember, this remedy only takes a few minutes. Yet another reason to keep some healthy tea and that trusty clear polish in your desk drawer at work!

What do you think about this beauty guru’s tip? Do you have any tips for repairing ripped nails? How do you keep your nails long and strong? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!