Top Marriage Secrets from Successful and Happy Couples

As a soon-to-be bride, I’m constantly looking up to couples who have been together for years and are still so deeply in love. These kinds of relationships are truly admirable in this divorce-happy world we live in. Though there may not be one secret ingredient for a long-lasting happy marriage, there are definitely some common “secrets” that happy couples know to be true.

Over on Huffington Post, relationship therapist Sherry Amatenstein shares some of those gems with us, and really, the advice isn’t all that complicated. Secret number one: always being in it together. Secret number two: fight, but fight skillfully. Fights should always have an undercurrent of caring for each other and shouldn’t be attacks. And secret number three: ask yourself if you’d rather be right or be in your relationship.








We watched a few video interviews of couples who have been together for 70+ years and noticed a trend that fit right in with the advice above. Like Helen and Maurice, interviewed below, these couples don’t talk about roses and chocolates, but talk about laughing together and being kind to each other.

Tip Heroes: what’s some of your best marriage advice?