We love going to a good wedding. Better yet, we love weddings we weren’t even necessarily invited to— like celebrity weddings, that is! And better yet, we love celebrity weddings that totally defy our expectations.

Not all famous people have the over-the-top celebrations you’d think they’d have. I know—— mind blown, right? Honestly, the ones that stick with us the most are the weddings where the couple’s loves shines through any lavish flower arrangement or 8-tiered wedding cake.

These celeb couples are total matches made in heaven, and we can’t get enough of reminiscing about their weddings—probably because they were super unpredictable and not at all what we’d expect. Here are our top favorites!

  1. Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

    These two actors met when they started filming All My Children in 1995, and have never been apart since. We love their wedding because they didn’t feel the need to make a big show out of it— they just eloped in Vegas like a drunk couple who just met, and called it a day! Kelly says the cost totaled $179 – that’s literally the cost of a blender these days – and that they decided against getting a videographer, which would’ve added a whopping $20 to the cost. They’re still happily married today.

  2. Olivia Palermo & Johannes Huebl

    Olivia Palermo is known for her impeccable fashion sense, and Johannes Huebl is a model for luxury fashion magazines and brands. So obviously their wedding was an opulent affair, yes? Wrong. These two said “I do” in an intimate civil ceremony. No wedding dress for Olivia either: just a three-piece outfit of a sweater, shorts and an overskirt.

  3. Miranda Kerr and Evan Sipiegel

    A super model and the co-CEO of Snapchat get married—and their wedding vibe was totally low key rustic chic. They had farmhouse tables with white and pink roses adorning each. Just 40 of their friends and family joined them to celebrate. There was even some karaoke involved!

  4. Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

    This wedding was so understated that there’s barely any news or photos of it! These two got married at the Beverly Hills courthouse’s ceremony room. There was silk greenery and white flowers, and that’s about it. No guests even attended! Their attire was as casual as their wedding day—Jessica wore a long blue dress and her hair was up in a ponytail. Cash just had on a white shirt and brown pants.

  5. Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady

    This Victoria’s Secret model and all-star football player had two weddings, but they were both super modest. Just 20 people came to their first wedding in February 2009 at the Santa Monica Catholic Church. They had a second wedding in Costa Rica, but it was also pretty small—just 25 people were there to witness it.

What other celebrities had unpredictable celebrity weddings? Check out the video below for the rest of these 10 celeb weddings that we just adore!

What do you think of celebrities having weddings like the common folk? What’s your favorite kind of wedding— low key, or over-the-top lavish affair?