You can score some truly great deals at Costco, but there are certain purchases that are just no-brainers at this warehouse chain. Let’s take a look at some of the best buys at one of our favorite stores:

  1. Almonds:You can pay just $12 for a 3-pound bag of raw almonds, which is a lot cheaper than you’ll see in most stores.
  2. Soy and Almond Milk:These usually come in packs of 3, but they’re about 20% less per container than at other stores.
  3. Rotisserie Chicken:According to Wise Bread:

    The rotisserie chicken specials at Costco are out of this world! Depending on the time of year, Costco often runs chicken specials that will give you two chickens for $5, or give you a discount on the poundage. You can freeze the chicken, use the bones for a broth, or cut up pieces for sandwiches, salads and dinners. It’s a steal!

  4. Organic Chicken Broth and Boullion:A case of one-quart cartons will last you a long time in your pantry, so you should definitely stock up when prices are cheap at Costco. You can get a 16-ounce jar of chicken boillion base for about $5, and 6 32-ounce boxes of Kirkland organic chick stock for around $14.
  5. Paper Products:Items like paper towels and toilet paper are great buys in bulk at Costco. You just have to worry about lugging them home.
  6. Ink and Toner Cartridges:If you aren’t switching printers any time soon, buy your ink in bulk at Costco for about $50 for a 5-pack. That’s a great deal considering that one can run you about $12 or more elsewhere.
  7. Glass Storage Dishes:Multi-piece Pyrex storage sets with durable rubber tops from Costco will last you a long time and are only about $30.
  8. A Gym Membership:

    If you’re cool paying for a year or two upfront, Costco is by far the best place to get a gym membership. For example, get a two year membership to 24 Hour Fitness for just $25 per month! That’s way less than you’d pay through the gym itself, and far cheaper than most comparable gym memberships

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