Top 8 Germy Public Places That Could Make You Sick

Being sick can cost you money in medicine, doctors visits and time out of work- not to mention that it’s really annoying. While none of us have absolute control over our health, we can certainly do our part to avoid sickness by avoiding germs to the best of our ability. Take a look at some of the germiest everyday places to be aware of, courtesy of Planet Green:

  1. Soap Dispensers: this may seem contradictory, but think about it. People usually pump the soap before they wash their hands. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with that soap. And then add some alcohol-based sanitizer if you have any.
  2. Restaurant Menus: stressed out hosts and hostesses rarely have time to sanitize these before they are handed out. So don’t let your silverware touch your menu and wash your hands or sanitize before you reach for the bread.
  3. Grocery Store Carts: try bringing your own disinfectant wipe(s) to clean the cart handle so that you can avoid the germs that were on everyone else’s hands before you.
  4. Lemon Wedges: sliced lemons sit out at restaurant bars, and harried servers will often times just grab lemon wedges with their hands and throw them into water. Sound gross? Well, it may at least make you rethink the “water with lemon” order.

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