If Tip Hero’s January recipes are any indication of how 2016 is going, then it looks like we’re off to great year so far! While December was all about the sweets and baked goods, January has been about hearty, filling meals that are perfect for chilly winter days and nights, and most importantly, don’t take much time to whip up. But don’t worry – one tasty, sweet treat snuck it’s way into our top 5 list. How many of our most popular recipes have you tried?

5. Ooey-Gooey Earthquake Cake


It’s called an earthquake cake because of the ingredients shifting around during and after baking: the cream cheese mixture sinks into the cake, some of the pecans and coconut rise towards the top, and it’s an uneven and not very beautiful-looking cake. But MAN is it delicious!

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4. Loaded Chicken and Potatoes

loadedTip Hero

This loaded weeknight meal involves so many of my favorite foods, including cheese, chicken, potatoes, and of course, bacon! In just about an hour, you’ll have this easy baked dinner on the table, and we’re sure it will be gone in less than half that time.

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3. Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

chickenricesoupTip Hero

There’s not better feeling at the end of a cold day than cuddling up with hot, heart bowl of soup. And this delicious soup comes together easily with the help of your crock pot. So you really can just come home to a ready-made, comforting meal in a bowl!

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2. One-Pot Honey Dijon Chicken Meal

honeydijonTip Hero

Believe it or not, you can cook this entire meal (chicken, broccoli, potatoes and all) on just one baking sheet. We promise that this recipe will quickly become one of your weeknight go-to’s.

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1. Mini Beef Wellingtons


If you’re looking to serve a fancy meal on Valentine’s Day (or any special occasion), then look no further than these drool-worthy mini beef wellingtons. Not only do they look so impressive on a plate, but the explosion of flavor from these is just heavenly.

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Which of these 5 recipes has been your favorite so far? Which one do you think you’ll be trying next?