Toothpicks are a pretty unassuming household tool. Could you even call them a tool? Their main job is to get food out of your teeth after dinner! Well, toothpicks have a little more up their sleeves than you might be anticipating.

These simple pieces of wood are actually the perfect solution to some classic household conundrums! You might not have expected it, but it turns out toothpicks might be the handiest tool you’ve got.

Just wait until you see all the surprising things they can do for you in the kitchen, with your gadgets, and for so many other household hacks.

1. Stripped Screw

New-Screw-Poly-Stock 2
How annoying is it when a screw has been stripped inside of a piece of wood? It just doesn’t have the hold it should, leaving the screw wiggly and loose.

To give your screws a brand new hold, remove the screw and break off one or both ends of a toothpick inside the hole that’s been drilled. When you put the screw back in, you’ll find the cushion of the new wood allows the screw to go firmly back in.

2. Boiling Pot

Pot boiling over? Naturally, you want to take the lid off or turn down the heat on your stove top. But if you don’t want the pot to stop boiling, what are you to do?

All you have to do is lift the pot lid and stick one toothpick inside; this will allow enough of a gap to let some steam out and stop the water from boiling over.

3. Clean Your Phone

iPhone Black BackgroundFlickr
Whether you have a case on your phone or not, there are always exposed parts of your cell that tend to collect gunk — like your charging port, for instance. Use a toothpick to clean the gunk out of those hard-to-reach places and leave your phone sparkling.

4. Light Candles

If you don’t have a lighter on hand, you probably use a match to light candles in your home. But matches have a tendency to burn really hot and really fast — which could mean some painful burn marks for you.

Try lighting a toothpick with that match instead; the toothpick burns much slower and much less hot, so you have time to safely light candles.

5. Clean Hairbrush

How to clean your hairbrushClean My Space
Hair, whether it’s human or pet hair, will get easily stuck in whatever brush you use…we only hope that they’re two separate brushes. To easily clean up the mess, use a toothpick to pull up the hair; this will make it easier to grab and throw away the clumps.

6. Plug Hose Hole

Nothing is more annoying than a little leak in your garden hose. The answer is in your toothpicks! Stick a toothpick in the hole and use a hammer to really get it in there. Snap off the majority of the toothpick sticking out and wrap some duct tape around the DIY plug to fix the leak in a snap.

7. Hit Reset

Woman with tabletWarren Goldswain
Need to hit one of those tiny reset buttons on your computer or phone? You may not be able to hit it with your finger, but sticking a thin toothpick in there will do the job!

8. Bake a Potato

This is the most clever hack of the bunch! If you’re like us, you love all things potatoes, especially baked potatoes. The quickest way to bake your spuds? Microwaves, of course! To make sure your potato is thoroughly cooked, stick the potato with four toothpicks to create a stand. This will help the potato cook thoroughly, even on the bottom.

9. Paint Stirrer

Fan of colored paint chipsDeposit Photos
Small paint bottles for touching up need to be stirred, too! Using a toothpick is the perfect way to mix your tiny paint buckets and even touch up minuscule details.

10. Fix Your Glasses

When a screw comes loose, you glasses will naturally fall apart. Until you can find a more permanent solution, stick a toothpick in the empty hole and trim the end. This will act as a temporary screw and allow you to see for a few days more.


What do you think of these toothpick hacks? Do you use toothpicks in a unique way? Share your ideas in the comments section below.