9 Ideas For Using Toothpaste in Unconventional Ways

What’s minty, whitens your teeth, and can clean things like your silver jewelry, your iPhone, and your scuffed shoes? That’s right, the toothpaste you use in your morning and evening routine isn’t just for cleaning your teeth anymore! Take your tube out of the bathroom for a change and try using this unlikely household cleaner in these 9 clever ways.

Scuffed Shoes

Got a scratch or scuff on your nice work shoes? Well, if you have some toothpaste on hand, you don’t go into your meeting with dirty dress shoes on! Apply toothpaste directly onto the dirty or scuffed part of your shoe, buff it off, and the shoe underneath will be sparkling clean.

Crayon Marks

Sometimes your kids don’t always color in the lines…which sometimes means on the walls. There’s nothing more headache-inducing than seeing crayon marks on your nice, white walls. To easily remove the colorful marks, gently rub your walls with a damp cloth with toothpaste on it.

Silver Jewelry

The older your favorite silver jewelry gets, the dingier it’s going to look. That won’t be the case if you keep up on cleaning it with toothpaste! Using a cleaning toothbrush or a cloth, rub toothpaste onto your dull jewels. Let this sit overnight, and wake up to find your necklaces, bracelets, and rings looking good as new.

Defogging Goggles

Love working out in the garage? Whether you’re working on your car, carving wood, or welding metal, you should always be wearing safety goggles. But something people don’t tell you about those handy goggles? They fog up like CRAZY, making it impossible to see what you’re doing.

Don’t spend money on expensive de-fogging gels, simply rub toothpaste on the goggles and go about your business without any fogginess!

Car Headlights

One of our favorite cleaning hack is using this toothpaste mixture to clean and brighten car headlights! Your car will look like new and you’ll be able to see much better on the roads with significantly less dingy lights.

Sneaker Soles

When you wear your favorite sneakers on the reg, the pearly white bottoms tend to get gradually dirtier. Whiten them right up by scrubbing toothpaste onto them, just like you would your teeth. They’ll be looking fresh for spring in no time.

Piano Keys

If you’re a musician, your prized possession could very well be your piano. Whether you use it for professional gigs, lessons, entertaining, or just for your own practice, you want to be proud of how your piano looks! Before you tickle those ivories, get them crystal clean with a little toothpaste and water.

Coffee Mugs

We all know that using our mugs day in and day out (especially for something that stains easily, like coffee) that the cups tend to develop nasty rings on the inside. Unsurprisingly, scrubbing those rings with a little toothpaste will make it look like the stains were never even there.

Water Stains

This is one I definitely have to try. If you have any hardwood in your house, furniture or floors, you know how easy it is to stain it…and how incredibly difficult it is to get said stain out. Water stains are the worst offender. Well, toothpaste to the rescue! Use toothpaste to combat the most unsightly water stains on your wooden surfaces.


Do you use toothpaste in a unique way around the house? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.