What to Do If You Have a Toothache

When it comes to pesky aches and pains, toothaches definitely take the cake! Sure, they usually aren’t SO bad that you’ll be admitting yourself into the emergency room, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t interrupt your daily routine.

Now, it goes without saying that the first thing that you need to do when a tooth begins to ache is, of course, reach out to a dental professional. Anyone who has ever “waited it out” when suffering from a toothache knows that there is no reward for those who drag their feet.

But, while you are waiting to get that hard-to-book appointment from your much sought-after dentist, do your best to alleviate that ache on your own. Here are 9 super simple pain management tools that you can try right at home. The best part? No painkillers involved!

  1. Get to know your pressure points

    Have a gnarly toothache that just won’t quit? If so, take a small cube of ice and press it against the webbing of your fingers, right between your thumb and your pointer. Do this for 30 seconds at a time until the pain dissipates. Fun fact: this technique works wonders for headaches and nausea, too!

  2. Gnosh on some garlic

    Love the taste of garlic but HATE the feel of toothaches? If so, you’re in luck because rubbing just one clove against the affected area can get rid of the pain fast. Yummy– and useful!

  3. Dull the pain with some spice

    A toothache’s worst enemy? Heat in the form of tasty spices! Simply combine 4 tablespoons of powdered ginger with 4 tablespoons of cayenne pepper, and add a bit of water to turn the mixture into a paste. Once the consistency is right, smear over the tooth and repeat several times a day– or as often as you can handle the heat!

  4. Make use of nature’s cure-all–vinegar!

    Grab a brown paper bag and soak it thoroughly in plain, white vinegar. Once the bag is saturated, sprinkle on a bit of black pepper and hold to the outside part of the affected cheek. This method works best for particularly sensitive aches.

  5. When in doubt, swish around some salt water

    What’s the #1 pain relief method most prescribed by dentists? The gold, old salt water rinse, of course! Simply heat up the salty water and swish around for a minute, or until you begin to feel that sweet relief!

  6. Or, you can always swish around some vodka, too!

    A toothache treatment that TASTES like our favorite cocktail? Yes, please!

  7. Reach for the hydrogen peroxide

    Mix up half-parts 3% hydrogen peroxide with half-parts water for an effective, pain-relieving mouth rinse. Just remember, don’t swallow!

  8. Give clove oil a try

    As we mentioned, garlic works as a powerful, natural pain reliever, but it works even better in its oil form. So, hit up your local health food store the next time you feel a toothache coming on–just a couple of drops directly to the throbbing area should provide immediate relief!

  9. Cool it off with a cold compress

    A cold compress works wonders on basically all owies! For sweat-free relief, swap out your traditional compress for a frozen sponge ice pack, like this.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these toothache home remedies! Have you tried one of these before? If so, did it work well for you? Do you know of any others that you would like to share?