If you were a fan of the educational and fun show Sesame Street—whether you were a kid or a parent—you’re going to have to physically stop yourself from buying every single pair of new shoes that TOMS has just released.

That’s right, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Big Bird and the rest of the Sesame Street clan are back—this time, they’re not counting to 10 or singing the alphabet, they’ll just be hanging out on your feet!

The shoe company has created the most adorable line of Sesame Street shoes you’ve ever seen in honor of the show’s upcoming 50th anniversary later this year. And we think Jim Henson, who created the lovable Muppets so many years ago, is probably smiling in his grave.

The collection contains a total of 17 pieces that come in both women’s and children’s sizes (so if you want to match with your little one, go for it), and man are they cute.

There’s Elmo shoes, which come in either tiny Elmo prints scattered throughout, or his face front and center on the toes of the shoe. The Cookie Monster sneakers are embellished with cookies and crumbs atop its bright blue background, or you can opt for the one where Cookie is eating his favorite snack right on the front.

Additionally, there are shoes that feature Abby, Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, and even some that feature ALL of the characters at once. And we want every pair!

The good news is, it doesn’t hurt to actually buy every pair. Like TOMS does with all of its products, for every pair of shoes you buy, a new pair will be donated to a child in need through their One for One program. The brand has already donated more than 75 million pairs of shoes to children in need.

That’s just the type of collaborations that Sesame Street enjoys doing—as they, too, want to do their part in giving back, especially with their anniversary coming up. In fact, that’s why they partnered with TOMS in the first place.

“With ‘Sesame Street’s’ 50th anniversary, we are collaborating with best-in-class partners, experts in their respective industries who, like Sesame Workshop, also believe in giving back to families in need to deliver a whole new product execution,” says Gabriela Arenas, vice president, licensing, North America, Sesame Workshop. “One of our key strategic goals is to expand and diversify our consumer products’ offering so that fans across generations have new ways to enjoy Sesame Street, and we are thrilled to create these unique opportunities for fans to contribute to the causes they care about.”

The new Sesame Street collection is available in all TOMS retail locations, on Toms.com, and in brick-and-mortar stores worldwide.

You can also look out for a second collaboration with sock brand Bombas that will debut new Sesame Street collections in summer and fall of 2019. The brand launched their first “Sesame Street” X Bombas collection of more than 20 styles in November 2018, and it was a hit.

What a truly golden anniversary this will be for Sesame Street! You can check out the full collection here.

Are you a big Sesame Street fan? What do you think of this new brand of TOMS shoes? Will you buy a pair for yourself and a little one?