She Peels A Tomato And Uses The Skins To Make Something Totally Unexpected— And Delicious!

Whether you’re a fan of tomato skins or not, there are just some tomato recipes that require you to get rid of them— sauces, soups, etc. But if you’re a Frugal Fanny, or if you just hate throwing out food, getting rid of those skins can feel like a total waste. What’s there to do with tomato skins, though, other than toss them onto a compost heap? Food52 wondered the same thing, and their solution is one we never, ever would have guess: tomato salt.

Yes, tomato salt. You know how all different kinds of salt are super popular now, with everything from sea salt to fleur de sel popping up in simple recipes and everyday spice cabinets? Well, this pretty pink-red powder is like that, and closest in similarity to pink Himalayan rock salt. Food52 explains the benefits:

It’s the perfect summertime salt. The tomato flavor is definitely there (and yes, it does make fresh tomatoes taste even more tomato-y), but don’t let that constrain you when you’re thinking about how to use it. I’ve been enjoying it sprinkled over everything from eggs to corn on the cob. Next, I’m planning to use it to rim glasses for Bloody Marys. I’m certain you’ll admire its pretty pinkish-red color anytime you set out a little cellar of salt—like to accompany fresh radishes with butter.

Even better— it’s pretty easy to make! All you need are your tomato skins and enough coarse salt to equal their weight. Spread the skins on a baking sheet, cover them in salt, and then bake long and slow. Afterward, pulverize them into your salt!

Food52 has an exact, printable recipe here. Whether you love trying new salts or just don’t want to waste your tomato skins, it’s an interesting idea! What do you think? Will you give it a try?