Here’s a Genius Way to Stay Organized Using Toilet Paper Rolls!

I would wager a bet that even the most diligent organizers out there have trouble with one irritatingly challenging area: cord organization! These things tend to get easily lost, or sometimes end up unraveling all on their own, leaving us with mysterious knotted up messes!

Luckily, we’ve got a super helpful hack for you today from our friends over at Tricks Hacks—once you complete this simple and fun task, your cords will never go missing again!

Does this look like a common scenario to you?

Unfortunately, it’s far too tempting to leave those pesky cords and wires to our electronics free and untidied. Sometimes the idea of wrapping them up after each use feels tedious, especially when they rarely end up staying in place!

So, let’s get rid of that balled-up mess of cables! Here’s a helpful start so that you can create your very own system that will ensure that your cords are always tangle-free and at your fingertips.

  1. Make those cuts!

    Start this nifty organizational DIY by taking a cardboard insert from either a roll of paper towels or toilet paper. Grab a precision knife and carefully etch slits into the cardboard. Each slit should be about 1.5 to 2 inches apart.

  2. Wrap those cables!

    Grab one of your electronics cords and simply wrap it around the roll so that it goes in and out of the slits that you made in the previous step. For this method, we suggest going for the longer paper towel roll. The length will allow the cord to display a bit more easily than on the short roll.

  3. Use those rolls as compartments!

    If you have wires and cords that are on the thicker end, don’t fret! You can also use the hollowed portion of the roll as the organizational device.

    For this particular method, unless you’re working with an especially thick or long cord, we like using the shorter toilet paper roll.

    Simply fold up the wire or cord neatly and to your liking, then insert into the new cardboard compartment. If you want to stay ultra-organized, take a permanent marker to label what each cord is on the outside of the roll. Such a great idea!

  4. Consolidate the rolls!

    Keep those wires organized for good by simply placing the rolls upright in a box or decorative chest, if you want to get fancy with it!

This project works especially well for any of you out there who may be relocating in the near future. Before my recent move to a new apartment, I wrapped up all of my television, internet, and computer cables like so, and it really ended up being such a breeze to unpack and set up my electronics. This method really is a time saver!

Watch Tricks Hacks’ video below for even more cord organization inspiration. (Say that ten times fast)!

What do you think about this electronics organizational hack? Have you tried something similar? What are your secrets for keeping your cords and cables orderly? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!