Boring old mirror hanging in your bathroom? You don’t have to settle for plain Dollar Store decor, not when you can jazz it up for next to nothing! In fact, all you really need to take a mirror from bland to beautiful is…some empty toilet paper rolls. This DIY craft is super simple and the end result will blow your mind! I know I wasn’t expecting it to look so cool. Watch the video below to see everything you’ll need for this DIY and what your plain mirror could look like after you complete this craft!

The trick to this craft is collecting the rolls over time. Think about it, your family probably goes through toilet paper quickly enough, and paper towel rolls work just as well, too! For this project, 15 rolls were used, as a point of comparison.

You can also spray paint this mirror design any color you want, so pick something that really compliments the decor where you plan on hanging it When it doubt, metallics always work.

– Toilet paper rolls
– Ruler
– Hot Glue
– Spray paint (any color you want)
– Pen
– Scissors
– Painter’s tape

STEP 1: Mark 1/2 inch lines down your rolls. Use your scissors to cut these into strips.
STEP 2: Use hot glue to glue four strips into a circular formation. Complete with all paper strips.
STEP 3: Hot glue the circles all the way around the outside of the mirror. Add to that first layer until you get a look you like.
STEP 4: Cover the mirrored surface with painter’s tape before you spray the paper circles and outside of the frame any color.

To craftily hang your mirror, cut a square of cardboard and make a small square in the center. You can hot glue the entire piece of cardboard to the back of the mirror and use a thumbtack going through in the smaller square to hang the mirror from the wall.

What do you think of this upcycled decor DIY? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.