The coronavirus outbreak across the nation has led to a lot of terrible things. Besides hundreds upon thousands of people getting sick and dying, there have been countless layoffs and pay reductions, businesses having to close their doors, children home from schools while parents have to work, and…a shortage of toilet paper.

Weirdly enough, one of the first things to go on store shelves were rolls of toilet paper—yes, even before food and hand sanitizer. Even though coronavirus is a respiratory illness, causing a cough, fever, and fatigue (and not stomach issues), it turns out that people were most concerned about running out of toilet paper in the event we were to have a lockdown and couldn’t go anywhere.

People were so concerned over running out, that they felt the need to purchase rolls upon rolls. Frankly, we’re not sure where they’re even storing all of this toilet paper since it’s so bulky! Plus, how much toilet paper can you possibly go through in a few weeks or months?

That is the question of the quarantine, isn’t it? How long does a roll of toilet paper actually last the average human, and how much would be safe to store away in case we can’t go out and get some in these unprecedented times?

Finally, the answer to our questions has come. A website called simply “” has come to the rescue to figure out just how much TP we need in a time of crisis.

“The simple calculator for how much toilet paper you need to survive the pandemic,” the website states on its page.

It’s super easy to use: Just plug in how many rolls of toilet paper you currently have as well as about how many times you use the toilet per day, and poof: the “machine” magically draws up an accurate number to tell you how many days your toilet paper stash will last you.

You might be surprised at the answer! For example, when you plug in that you have 15 rolls of toilet paper and you use the bathroom about 8 times a day, you’ll last 30 days—aka an entire month—with your supply. More than enough, indeed!

So next time you find yourself in the store trying to grab all the toilet paper for your stock pile, ask yourself how much you really need. The less you take, the more someone else could bring into their home.

Head to the nifty toilet paper calculator to see how much toilet paper you really need.

Tell us: Have you been hoarding toilet paper since the first case of coronavirus, or have you been trying to find a pack in stores for weeks? Based on this toilet paper calculator, how many rolls do you really need? What other types of things have you bought in bulk to prepare for the pandemic?