Toddler’s Reaction to Christmas Section at the Store is All of Us When the Holidays Roll Around

There’s no doubt about it that Christmas is an exciting time for many people, and stores know this. Before Halloween is even over, many store shelves are stocked with Christmas trees, singing Santas and other festive decorations.

While many people complain about how stores seem to display their Christmas products earlier and earlier each year, imagine that it’s your very first Christmas. Imagine seeing all of these amazing decorations for the very first time. It’d be pretty magical, right?

One mother must have known how exciting Christmas decor would be to see for the very first time because she had the video camera on her phone ready and recording when she took her baby boy shopping.

In the video she captured, we see the baby boy’s face as his mother turns towards the Christmas section of the store. He immediately says “ooooo” in wonder as he gazes at the ornaments, lights and other decorations. He can’t seem to believe his eyes.

Then he stares at something off-camera as if it’s the most magical thing he’s ever seen in his life, and whatever it was, it most likely was magical to this baby boy. Mom pauses to let him take it all in.

The video gets even better as mom continues to stroll into the Christmas section of the store. His eyes get huge as he spots even more amazing Christmas decorations. He smiles, laughs, coos, and is completely amazed at everything around him.

Mom stops again to let him gaze at the decorations. He seriously can’t seem to get enough. He even points to Santa. We highly doubt that he knows who Santa is, but he certainly seems excited.

Mom says, “Let’s go see the Christmas trees,” and baby boy coos again.

Babyhood is a wonderful time. This baby is too small to be able to grab the decorations and insist mom buys him toys and candy like an older child might. He’s simply in awe looking at everything, and we’re in awe with him.

Seriously, we can’t watch this video without smiling.

Watching this video makes us even more excited for the upcoming holiday season. If you feel like Christmas isn’t as magical as it used to be, just watch this baby boy’s reaction. There’s nothing like seeing something through the eyes of a child.

We can only imagine how this baby boy’s eyes will light up when he sees a Christmas tree and other decorations in his very own home.

Does this video give you a renewed appreciation of Christmas decorations?