Toddler Has a Priceless Reaction to Her Dad’s Explanation of Snow

Most of us look back on our childhoods as being magical times filled with play, fun, and discovery. But, it’s easy to forget that being a kid can also be just plain confusing! Any parent out there can attest to the fact that these little sponges can have a tough time taking new information as truth. Case in point is this spunky toddler who is a bit of a snow conspiracy theorist—to say the least!

The video starts off ordinarily enough, with a small toddler sitting in a high chair eating some cereal. She’s a pretty girl that’s obviously as bright as she is cute. AND, she’s got an impressive set of chompers to boot!

Her dad (the cameraman) decides to then disrupt her breakfast-eating reverie with a seriously loaded comment. He says to his daughter, “Snow falls from the sky…”

A pretty simple proclamation, right? Well, his daughter certainly doesn’t think so. In fact, she brings forth an absolutely priceless reaction! She seems to think it’s the funniest thing she has ever heard. Snow falling from the sky? This little girl just doesn’t buy it!

Her dad then digs himself further into this hole by adding, “And it blankets everything. It covers it, completely.” Can you guess how she reacts?

The youngster then turns to her mom and points over to the cameraman. “Daddy’s pummy!” she giggles. Sure, her daddy does seem like a funny guy, but the little girl is still missing the point…

Hey, but we can’t say that we blame her. Snowfall is a pretty amazing phenomenon when you really sit there and think about it. And, it makes sense that she would be having a hard time trusting her parents’ word on this. With all of the intangibles that surround kids nowadays, we can’t fault the little one for taking her dad’s words with a grain of salt.

What we absolutely LOVE about this girl’s reaction, though, is that she just sits back and laughs. She exhibits a little bit of babbly back-and-forth towards the end, but, for the most part, she doesn’t let herself get frustrated—she just belly laughs.

In this day in age there is something aspirational about this kid’s positive attitude. Sure, she doesn’t agree with her parents—AT ALL—but she keeps her head up and just decides to let her spirit shine.

You go, girl! Smiling in the face of adversity—however silly it may be—will only help you develop resiliency. Laugh on, baby. Laugh on!

Now that we’ve set the stage, it’s time for you to click on the video below to actually see this little girl in action. If you’re looking for one thing to brighten up your day, then choose this one. This girl’s laugh will have you in stitches!

What do you think of this baby’s reaction to her dad’s explanation of snowfall? Have your kids ever reacted like this to something as ordinary as the weather? What makes them laugh? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!