While perusing YouTube and various social media networks these days, we all know that it’s all too easy to lose track of time and accidentally spend hours in front of the screen. Simply put, there are just too many cute videos out there—too many videos, too little time! Well, don’t worry, we’re always here to tell you about the best ones, and we all know those are the ones that feature teeny, tiny, adorable toddlers!

This particular video stars Josie at just 23 months. She’s obviously a super bright and inquisitive young girl. And, lucky for us, she just loves to sing nursery rhymes. Her rendition of the children’s classic “Old MacDonald Had a Farm,” will have you in stitches.

With her father dutifully recording her performance, Josie needs no special introduction. She just goes confidently into the song without any trace of nervousness—this little diva obviously knows this song, and she wants to show the world! Complete with props – a hand puppet book – in hand, Josie regales the viewer with her funny delivery.

It’s probably been a few years since you last performed this nursery rhyme, but think back to when you were a kid singing this classic song. What was your favorite part? I know that, for us, the best part was always getting to make those silly animal sounds on cue. All kids love it, and Josie may just be a master animal impersonator. Maybe it’s just our opinion, but we think that this kid can do a seriously convincing duck!

We would also like to take this time to remind you that this precious girl is only 23 MONTHS OLD! A lot of toddlers at that age are barely stringing together three-word sentences, but Josie hasn’t only memorized this song word-for-word, she has mastered it. Someone call Simon Cowell, we may just have found the future America’s Got Talent winner!

The title of this video is “Little Girl Sings Old MacDonald Had a Farm. Hold for the big finish it’s worth it!” Believe us, this is for good reason. Josie’s answer to her father’s question: “What is the song called?” is absolutely hilarious, and, may we say, sarcastic too. Who knew that an almost two-year-old could have such a great sense of humor?

As we mentioned, there is a plethora of tiny talent out there! Looking for a right-on “Little Mermaid” cover? Look no further than this talented tot! In the mood for some baby Elvis? We’ve got you covered! Are you an “Alphabet Song” purist? Check out this kid’s rendition.

Luckily, Josie’s already got a breadth of material under her little belt, so be sure to check out some of her other videos. Spoiler alert: they’re all hilarious! But first, take a look at our favorite video of her below. We dare you not to crack up!

Do you have any talented toddlers in your life? What is your all-time favorite nursery rhyme? Who is your favorite kid YouTube sensation? Let us know in the comments section below!