You see stories of strangers coming to the rescue when someone is drowning, trapped in a burning vehicle, or a flooded home. In some cases, animals are the ones doing the saving or being saved. What we learn is that heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.

Pint-sized heroes are some of our most courageous, as they don’t often realize what they’ve done. Instead of thinking of glory, they think about how they can help. Yes, we mean children. Smart, capable, and resourceful, kids are often the saving grace when no one else is around.

In a time when more and more hot car deaths are being publicized, people try to be more vigilant about looking out for babies and pets stuck in vehicles. But what about when it’s an adult who’s trapped? Who is there to look out? Picture being stranded inside your car in blazing temperatures, but you’re not in a public place like a parking lot, and you don’t have a way to call someone. Anxious yet?

Elderly gentleman Bob King was in such a predicament one hot summer afternoon. The locks on his car had been malfunctioning for quite some time, causing problems getting in and out. With a host of health concerns that include being a stroke survivor and having a pacemaker, King was worried.

Image of man in car.HLN
The anxiety started to build up after being in the car alone for about five minutes. That’s when he saw Keith Williams walk by. Keith, a 3-year-old neighborhood toddler, was flagged down by King who was shouting to the boy that he was locked inside. He said the little one looked at him funny as he tried to communicate what was going on. Keith eventually left the man.

But his toddler mind figured it out. He went off to find a grownup and explain the trouble in the best way he knew how. Help arrived for Bob King! WVLT’s news team caught up with Keith and King to find out how Keith turned into a hero that day. Peep the video below to see how he handled the uncertain situation.

For Mr. King, it felt like an eternity as he was getting hotter and hotter, waiting for someone to let him out. He said he thought it would be at least twenty minutes before anyone came to check on him or help. But that was until he saw little Keith walking by. Who knows what the outcome would have been? Leaving his fate up to a toddler proved to be his only (and best) option.

When help is sorely needed, you may never know who’s going to show up. Thank goodness that a sharp 3-year-old was coming up the sidewalk that day! Keith was hailed as a hero, and his mom was so proud of his quick thinking and action.

Summertime temps are no picnic and we especially need to watch out for the elderly and children when temperatures rise. Kudos to Keith for knowing how to handle an emergency! What do you think of Keith’s actions? Has a child ever had to come to your rescue? Tell us in the comments!