3-Year-Old Girl Rocks American Idol Audition

You probably realize that some of the excitement surrounding TV talent show premieres is all about the first few episodes. Yeah, that’s right. Crazy auditions, heartwarming backstories, surprises— and don’t forget the kids.

Even if you don’t watch these shows regularly, or can keep up with who’s who, sometimes you tune in for the early fun. American Idol is good for this. This time, an adorable little girl showed off her chops without a hint of nervousness.

By now, I’m sure you all know that the song “Let It Go” has achieved classic status. It doesn’t matter if you like the song or not, because when a teeny tiny tot sings it, you have no choice but to l-o-v-e it. Trust. Of course that was the choice for irresistibly cute 3-year-old Idol contestant, Hope.

Accompanying her mom Kelley Kime into the audition room, she was more than ready with a number tag pinned to her chest. After making the rounds at the table to meet all the judges, she stood in the middle to position herself for her performance. “Let it go, let it go. . .can’t hold it back anymoooooore. . .” Everybody join in now! That voice, that voice, that voice – Hope is going places, y’all.

Smiling judge Jennifer Lopez was taken with the cutie so much that she shed a tiny tear. But that didn’t stop her from jumping in to sing along to the last line of the tune, “The cold never bothered me anyway.” Admittedly, Hope’s is one of the better versions of the song that won’t quit, and it was a pleasure to listen to.

While American Idol judge Harry Connick, Jr. was quickly turned into a fan, Keith Urban sprinkled in some constructive criticism with his praise for the little darling. We’re sure it was duly noted. Hope’s sparkling eyes, personality, and smile only added to her “it” factor. She bagged those judges and got a unanimous yes. Wowza! Running happily over to the judges’ table, she collected her golden ticket.

How Hope’s mom Kelley pulled it together to do her own audition after that performance is a mystery. She’s a tough act to follow. But luckily she too earned herself a ticket to Hollywood. Talent runs in the family! And thank goodness Hope would have someone there to support her through those grueling Hollywood rounds.

Though this video is from 2015’s season 14 of American Idol, it’s probably safe to figure that Hope could be a future contestant when she’s older. Just like her mama, a singing career could be in the cards. Heck, if she cut a record today I’d buy it. How sweet that she’ll have the memory of the judges’ encouragement and motivation.

It’s hard to snag one of those golden tickets, let alone a unanimous “yes”, so perhaps there’s something all you up and coming contestants could glean from Hope.

What did you think of Hope’s charming performance? Were you as impressed as the rest of us by this cutie’s voice? Share with us in the comments!