Getting up early in the morning, getting ready for work and getting the kids off to school can certainly feel like a rush. Some days, everything goes smoothly. Other days, the kids forget their lunchboxes and you realize you’re wearing two different shoes after you’ve already left the house. Just us?

No, not just us, although, not exactly about lunchboxes and shoes but about mornings not always going smoothly. It turns out that even famous news anchors can make mistakes when they’re getting ready for work in the morning.

One day, the TODAY show’s Savannah Guthrie got up for work, and things didn’t end up going smoothly. That might seem strange since, as an anchor of a morning news show, she is literally a pro at getting up before sunrise, but one morning she got up even earlier than usual.

Guthrie shared that she got up at 3:30am to watch one of her friends, tennis star Roger Federer, compete in the Australian Open. She was watching the match, which Federer ended up losing, and later joked that her on air mishap must have been due to waking up so early.

What did Guthrie do? She put her dress on backwards. It wasn’t obvious. Nobody would’ve even known that her dress was on backwards if she hadn’t said anything, but she could tell something was wrong. She felt like her dress was choking her because it was too high in front since the front was supposed to be the back.

No, it wasn’t just the cut of the dress that was choking her. Guthrie verified that her dress was definitely on backwards by pulling the neckline out and revealing that the brand’s tag was indeed in front as opposed to the back. She revealed this live on air.

Unfortunately for Guthrie, she didn’t notice that her dress was on backwards until it was almost time to go on the air. She didn’t have time to change or fix her mistake until after the first hour of the show, but as soon as she had a chance to go to her dressing room and switch her dress around, she did, and she felt so much more comfortable after that.

Have you ever accidentally worn two different shoes or put your dress or shirt on backwards?