We all know what happened to the Titanic when it set sail in 1912—it perished to the bottom of the Atlantic.

And in 2022, exactly 110 years later, a second version of the ship, built bigger and better than ever, will set sail on the exact same route as its fateful predecessor—from Dubai to Southampton, England and then on to New York.

“The ship will follow the original journey, carrying passengers from Southampton to New York,” Blue Line chairman Clive Palmer said, “but she will also circumnavigate the globe, inspiring and enchanting people while attracting unrivaled attention, intrigue and mystery in every port she visits.”

Besides its route, the Titanic II will also be built to look like a near identical replica of the original Titanic, and costing about $500 million in the process (it cost about $7.5 million back in the day), making it one of the most expensive cruise ships in the world. Titanic II will also carry the exact same number of passengers and crew people as the original, which is 2,400 and 900, respectfully.

Thankfully, it’ll have the luxury of more modern navigation and safety technology. “The new Titanic will of course have modern evacuation procedures, satellite controls, digital navigation and radar systems and all those things you’d expect on a 21st century ship,” said James McDonald, the global marketing director of Palmer’s company Blue Star Line.

It will, however, still house plenty of life boats. Just in case, we suppose. After all, the called the original ship “unsinkable”!

The only difference between the new and old versions, it seems, is that Titanic II will be built in China instead of Belfast, Northern Ireland, where it was originally constructed. Well, and we hope another difference will be the outcome—that they actually get to New York with no mishaps or icebergs.

We’re assuming price of the ticket will be pretty different than it was decades ago as well, though ticket price hasn’t been announced yet. To hear what it cost back in the day, and what it could potentially cost today (plus lots of other fun facts about this famous ship) check out the video below!

What do you think of having a replica Titanic ship? Would you be interested in purchasing tickets for the Titanic II—or too scared something bad would happen?