Whether you have a small bathroom or it simply needs an upgrade, these creative DIY projects will make a huge impact. These six projects will squeeze out more storage and give your bathroom a splash of a DIY style!

Whether you have too much toilet paper or too many bobby pins – I do! – your bathroom will feel bigger after just one of these projects. Your mornings will be less chaotic and much more calm when you enter your new, organized bathroom. Here’s how to make that happen.

6 Quick Bathroom-Organizing Tips

  1. DIY Hairdryer & Flatiron Storage Rack

    Never burn yourself on your hair tools again! Just take a PVC pipe and spray paint it with your favorite color. Once dry, line it with an old oven mitt. Turn the mitt inside out, place in the arm of the PVC pipe and fold the cuff over.

  2. Decorative Storage Box

    Upcycle a simple box to create extra storage! Hot glue jute cord around the bottom of a cardboard box, wrapping the cord ¾ of the way up the sides of the box. Take an old pillowcase, turn it inside out and place inside the box. Fold the edges of the case over the edge of the box, so that it overlaps where the jute cord ends. Fold and adjust the pillowcase so that it fits nicely inside the box.

  3. Extra Space With Shower Rod Clips

    Curtain clips can help add precious additional storage to a small bathroom. All you need to do is install a second tension rod in your shower, then slip on curtain clips to give all of those toiletries a place to hang.

  4. Toilet Paper Roll Holder

    Keep extra toilet paper on hand in your bathroom without having to take up extra space. Plus, this clever trick even makes that TP pretty. (Seriously!)

    Measure the circumference of your preferred brand of toilet paper. Double that number and add 6-inches. Measure the width of the roll and add 2-inches to that. Use those dimensions to cut your fabric. (We recommend using upholstery fabric for extra sturdiness.) For example, if your toilet paper roll is 15-inches around and 4-inches wide, your measured fabric will be 36 inches long by 6-inches wide.

    Watch the video while you review these instructions.Create a ¼-to-½-inch seam all along the edges of the fabric to prevent fraying. Fold the edges over and press with a hot iron to form a crease. Using a hot glue gun, place glue along the inside of the fold. Press the fabric onto itself and the seam should seal immediately. Place the glue in two places vertically across the strip of fabric, pne along the end seam and another going across the fabric a quarter of the way from the edge. Fold the fabric over onto itself, seams facing in, and press the fabric along the glue lines. Run a piece of yarn through the top edge of the holder and use it to fasten the holder to the mounted toilet paper holder on the wall.

  5. Magnetic Extra Cabinet Space

    Nobody ever has enough cabinet space, and yet somehow our smallest tools still go missing. Solve both problems by placing a strip of magnetic tape on the inside of your cabinet door. Hang fingernail clippers, tweezers, bobby pins, etc. on the strip. You can also make cosmetic cases magnetic by cutting a small strip of magnetic tape and placing on the backside of the case.

  6. Plunger Holder

    Make the least glamorous but super-necessary part of your bathroom just a little more appealing. Use a recycled gallon jug – from vinegar, milk, bleach, etc. – and cut the top quarter off, leaving the back with the handle intact. Paint in your desired color and place in the bathroom to store your plunger!

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