Cleaning the exterior of the home is often a better option for homeowners than doing massive renovations on the home. While painting the house, making additions, or adding architectural features can make the home look nice, cleaning the outside of the home can restore the former luster of the home with just one service that is much cheaper than any renovation the homeowner can invest in.

Each of the steps listed below are intended to make the exterior of the home as clean as possible. While some of these home repair tips may require the assistance of a professional, the homeowner can do many of these jobs on their own.

Stain The Deck

The deck and porch on a home are often made of bare wood that has not been painted. This wood may look fantastic when it is first installed, but that does not mean that the homeowner will have a gorgeous deck forever and ever. Often, cleaning up the deck and patio requires the homeowner to invest in staining the deck or porch.

The stain helps to keep the natural color of the wood while also sealing the wood so that it is not vulnerable to rain and moisture damage. Often, these products make the wood a little bit darker, but this one step can help to keep the deck looking amazing for years to come.

Pressure Wash The House

Pressure washing the house is a job that can be done by a professional. Also, the homeowner can rent a pressure washer and clean the exterior of the home. While this job can strip paint from the home, a low setting on a pressure washer can clean debris and dirt off the side of the home to ensure that the home is much cleaner.

There are many times when the homeowner will want to paint their home to make it look cleaner, but a thorough pressure washing can create the same effect for a significantly smaller price.

The pressure washing can also extend to the walkways and driveway at the home. These surfaces get very dirty over the course of time, a good pressure washing will help to make the concrete or asphalt sparkle like it was just poured yesterday.

Landscaping Services

Often, homeowners are able to change the look of the exterior of their home simply by investing some landscaping services. There are times when the hedges and shrubs can be trimmed, the grass can be cut and a few flowers planted. In these instances, that is often all the homeowner has to do to ensure that their home looks amazing.

Moreover, landscaping services can help to channel rainwater to parts of the yard that will not flood or saturate the ground. These services can also help to prevent basement flooding or moisture issues.


While fencing does not make the home cleaner all on its own, fencing gives the appearance of cleanliness because it gives the yard at the house a firm perimeter. With this setup, the homeowner has clearly defined boundaries that make the home look cleaner because the boundary simply gives the eye something to view that looks orderly. The installation of any kind of fence can greatly enhance the street view of the house all on its own.

Cleaning the exterior of the home is a job that every homeowner must do, but there are multiple processes that must happen in order for the home to be truly clean. Pressure washing, fencing and staining all help t make the home look its best. What’s more is that the homeowner can do these jobs on their own or with minimal assistance from a professional contractor or vendor.

These steps provide the quickest route to keeping the house clean while also giving the homeowner inexpensive ideas that will fit into the family budget.