It’s a given that amusement parks are expensive. That’s why planning ahead for expenses like admission costs, meals, games, and merchandise can be wise.

And what’s one of the grandest amusement parks one can visit? None other than the self-dubbed most magical place on Earth: Disney World. If you’ve ever been, you know how pretty much everything in the place sparkles.

The rides, the restaurants, the shows, and the souvenirs live up to their reputation, but the fees can be astronomical.

Lucky for us there are ways to save money. Once you add up the cost to travel there, lodging expenses, and everything the park itself entails, you try to budget for merch. Well folks, there are coupons for that.

Where can you find them? That’s a bit tricky but it does require that you buy their food. Flip your dining receipt over and look for a coupon that’s usable at Disney World or Disney Springs. You’ll be able to get a discount on gifts and other merchandise.

You may find that some of the coupons are for specific shops, but take advantage of them. Deals on jewelry, apparel, and collectibles could be hard to find anywhere else, so rack up while you can.

But, hey, we can’t let another best-kept secret go under the radar for Disney World. Not far from the 46-mile park, you’ll be treated to a wonderland called the Disney Character Warehouse. It’s Disney-owned and operated which means legit merch – and there are two locations.

This place is also a paradise for your wallet because you can find items for up to 75% off the park’s prices. Yippee! If you are not a fan of outlets, this one may change your mind when it comes to plunking down some money for souvenirs. Some have been pleasantly caught off guard at the register by receiving additional discounts during checkout.

The downside? Items are not available online. You’ll have to visit the physical location to enjoy the benefits.

To save even more money at Disney, think about packing your own snacks and lunch, and planning your trip for January and September. The park isn’t as crowded because most children are in school, and the weather is still decent during those months!

Unless you’re an annual passholder, you’ll have to rely on tricks like these to keep your costs down. Be on the lookout for digital coupons, coupons on your quick-service dining receipts, or free souvenirs throughout all of the Disney properties, including Epcot.

It’s easy for this dream vacation to run up into the thousands, but with a bit of strategy, you can save money. Use your credit card perks, check online for discount codes, or look for deals on Disney gift cards to help lower what you spend out of pocket. Most of all, enjoy your time at the park!

What’s your strategy for saving money at Disney World? Did you know about the coupon receipts already? Where do you shop for Disney merchandise at a discount?