This Family of Six Lives in this Amazing RV

RVs tend to get a bad rap for being cramped and difficult to live in. Well, you’ll be shocked by this family of six who love living in this shockingly spacious RV! Talk about alternative living. Heather Harger, mother of four, opens up her doors so we can all see how her and her family of six live so comfortably inside of their 300 square foot RV. Watch the video below to see this extraordinary RV and how this family lives in this unique, tiny space.

This RV is definitely not what I was expecting. The space uses minimal furniture (that’s to be expected) but most of the furniture serves a second purpose, mainly to provide storage.

We loved the cute little patio area right off the bat! It’s definitely the perfect precursor to the bright, fun atmosphere just behind the RV doors! The decor is so bubbly and fun, it gives a homey, exciting vibe that many large houses can never accomplish.

The rest of the RV has a family room, a creative corner, a fully-functioning kitchen with double sinks and plenty of room to sleep and relax. Just to name a few of our favorite areas of the RV! Not only is the RV their home, but it’s also where the children are home-schooled.

And most impressive of all, the Harger family left their suburban life by Disney World in Orlando to move to South Africa and delve into a minimalist lifestyle. So incredible.