You have a tiny bathroom space that doesn’t exactly scream spa, but you don’t want to feel like you’re trapped in a shoebox either. On top of that, it’s in need of a serious makeover. What to do? Don’t hate, just renovate! That’s exactly what Food52’s Liz Johnson did and she shared some handy tips from the process. Her and her husband’s DIY bathroom remodel is still a work in progress, but we hope you get inspired to roll up your own sleeves.

Tip #1: Buy Stock

No, we don’t mean on NASDAQ or NYSE, but stock items such as fixtures, cabinetry, or tile. Buying stock items can help you save money and time. Liz and her hubby found what they needed at their local big box stores. They replaced the terracotta vanity pictured above with a more sophisticated looking pedestal sink. Your favorite retailer already carries pre-assembled pieces that are already in-house, ready for purchase, and pretty stylish. Another thing you can do with stock items is to customize them yourself! You may find a stock piece that isn’t the right size, shape, or color but you can still work with it. For example, an undersized vanity can be decked out with your own handmade shelf unit. Depending on your creativity and handy level, you can make it happen.

DIY tiny bathroom remodel with new sink and tile.Liz Johnson
Tip #2: Embrace the Flaws

Liz discovered that since their sink’s plumbing was off-center, the sink would look weird with just one mirror hanging above it. To balance it, she came up with a great idea to hang five mirrors to “disguise the flaw”. One of the great things about mirrors is that they can also make a space look larger. For tiny bathrooms, using more than one can actually help tremendously with this. If your bathroom has a window or two, the reflected light from the mirror will visually enlarge it.

After image of DIY tiny bathroom remodel.Liz Johnson
Tip #3: Get Some Green

Adding plants to your petite bathroom can make it feel homier and livelier, and they can also bring some good feng shui vibes to the space. In this bathroom’s remodel, they were used as accents and to cleverly hide the less attractive parts of the room. It is important to choose greenery that can thrive in the right light conditions, and opting for low light species are typically a good bet. If you’re fortunate enough to have windows, then by all means go for medium light. The moisture level in your bathroom will help keep your plants alive, but don’t forget to water them!

Image of shower for DIY tiny bathroom remodel.Liz Johnson
Tip #4: Take Your Time and Use What You’ve Got

One of the things Liz points out is that some parts of their remodeling project will simply have to wait. In the meantime, she decided to doctor up what they already had to match the new environment. The shelf unit pictured below was given a makeover and is doing the job for now. You too can upcycle, repurpose, or remix what you’ve got to suit your needs. Get creative! A coat of paint can add flavor to walls, furniture, fixtures, and dare I say, floors. Certain colors can also give the illusion that your tiny bathroom is bigger than it seems. Caulk and grout can give your bathroom a cleaner, newer look as well. Decorative accents like shower curtains, rugs, or floating shelves can freshen up the room too. Whether it’s a hallway powder room or master bath, there are budget-friendly ways to spruce up your space. What do think of this renovation? Do you have any tiny bathroom challenges? Share with us in the comments.

After image of DIY tiny bathroom remodel.Liz Johnson