Living in New York City can be expensive. The cost of living is generally outrageous, not to mention the prices for food and fun tend to be a bit more expensive than other places. Photographer Charlotte Brown was confronted with those price tags when she moved to NYC and although she has expensive taste, she has a shoestring budget. Her Upper West Side apartment may only be 300 sq. ft. but Charlotte has transformed her minuscule flat into a cozy, charming place to call home! Check out her beautiful apartment below.

I am in love with the antique styling of the apartment, which Charlotte sites as the reason she initially fell head over heels for the place. From the wood paneling to the detailed the wall molding, this apartment is a dream. The French country elements Charlotte has collected and displayed around her apartment give that traditional, vintage feel she’s going for.

Personally, I was also inspired by her storage. In a space this small, every larger furniture piece has to act as storage – Charlotte, for example, keeps all her photography equipment and clothes in drawers installed under her bed.