Country music star Tim McGraw had to end a show early on Sunday night. During a concert stop in Dublin, Ireland, the 50-year-old singer collapsed and had to have crew help carry him offstage.

McGraw had just finished singing Humble and Kind when he appeared to be taking a break by sitting near his keyboardist. The audience became alarmed when the lights came back on and he had suddenly fallen to his knees. He was immediately escorted off to be checked out.

About 20 minutes later, wife Faith Hill came out to speak to the crowd, explaining that the country crooner was experiencing a bout of dehydration. She and her husband were both headliners on the Country to Country festival lineup and their stop in Dublin was the last as part of a 3-day tour that included performances in London on Friday and Glasgow on Saturday.

According to Hill, the traveling and moving proved to be a bit much and contributed to her hubby’s health scare. In the video below, she’s seen apologizing to fans for ending the show early and reassuring them that McGraw was okay.

“He’s been super dehydrated. I apologize, but I made the decision that he cannot come back out on stage.”

Before ending the show for the night, Hill blessed the crowd with an acapella version of What A Friend We Have in Jesus, thanking the audience for their support.

With busy touring schedules, dehydration can be somewhat of an occupational hazard for entertainers. Flying can zap the moisture out of one’s body due to the lowered humidity in a plane’s cabin, and bouncing from place to place can certainly compound the issue.

Fortunately for McGraw, there were medical professionals available to check him out and give him a clean bill of health. He and his wife returned to the states on Monday night and he looked well-rested and recovered.

The talented couple have been married for over twenty years and often record and tour together. Now that they’re stateside, they have a couple of months to rest before firing things up for their American tour in May.

Starting May 31st, the duo will first head to Richmond, Virginia to kick off a string of performances that passes through 29 cities. Since his return from the U.K., McGraw is reportedly planning to make changes to his exercise routine.

For the past ten years, the singer has been known to do two high-impact workouts per day, sometimes for two hours at a time. He wants to be energized while performing, but after this incident may be cutting back.

Click on the video to hear what Faith Hill told the audience at the show, and their sweet response! While no word has been given on when the two will return to Dublin, they sent love to fans and intend to go back in the future.

Are you a fan of Tim McGraw? Were you concerned for his health? Have you ever been dehydrated or overexerted to the point of collapsing?


BBC News