Lately, it seems like the Internet^tm has been overly concerned with all the ways you’re “doing it wrong.” From putting your Christmas lights on your tree, to hanging up sweaters, to something as simple as tying your shoes, we love to stop you in your tracks and let you know that you’ve been doing it wrong for your entire life. Most of the time, the reason these tips and tricks are newsworthy is because they’re surprising! I certainly never considered putting my lights up that way! I had no idea I was ruining all my sweaters with my undisciplined use of hangers! Of course, I’m not actually “doing these things wrong,” I’m just being told about a new, different way to do them. Sometimes, though, we come across someone genuinely doing something so very, very wrong that we cannot wait for their wicked ways to be corrected. Such was the case in this story about a viral TikTok of an American woman absolutely ruining what could have been a perfectly delightful British Cuppa.


@jchelle36Americans making hot tea 🍵 #americanintheuk @mleemaster10♬ original sound – jchelle28


Honestly, this is so bad that it’s hard for me to believe that she isn’t trolling us all.


I mean, first of all, she microwaves the water?!


I’ve had some tough times living with no electric kettle in the past (why are these standard in the British kitchen, but not the American one? I mean, I know why, but I don’t like it!). Despite the struggle, I know well enough to microwave my water in secret and in shame! It takes so much ceremony out of making a cup of tea and it makes your tea taste like popcorn water. Yuck.


Then there’s all that milk! Why microwave your water in the first place if you’re going to make it icy cold with a gallon of milk before you even consider the tea bag?!


Well, fortunately for my nerves, Buzzfeed writer Sam Cleal stepped up to give us “The real tea on British tea,” with a step-by-step guide and a TikTok of his own.

@samclealThe real tea on British tea ☕️ #buzzfeed #howto #britishtea #teachallenge (excuse my gross place I’ve given up on cleaning).♬ original sound – SamCleal

He’s the real hero of this story; I’m just some poor sap, clutching my black double-bergamot Earl Grey tea close to my chest in shock and terror. Are you as horrified by this as I am? Have you ever seen someone make something so wrong that you just had to say something? Let us know!