Plastic wrap sounds amazing in theory. We buy it at the grocery store thinking it’ll be a great way to seal containers without using lids, such as containers that don’t have lids. The problem is that it can be extremely difficult to use.

Has this ever happened to you? You pull the plastic wrap out of the container and before you can even begin using it as you intended, the wrap starts clinging to itself until it becomes a mess of plastic, and you find yourself struggling to unstick the plastic wrap from itself so that you can actually use it. This happens to us. All. The. Time.

A TikTok user who goes by Nurse Tara shared an amazing plastic wrap hack that she learned from her aunt. She explained that one day her aunt came over when she was doing meal prep, and as she struggled to get the plastic wrap on the containers, her aunt shared a tip that will change your life if you use plastic wrap.

What was the tip that Tara’s aunt shared? Put your plastic wrap in the freezer overnight before using it. Watch the video below to see for yourself what happens when you follow this wise aunt’s advice.

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Tara’s TikTok followers are very impressed with this freezer trick. One viewer even chose to double check the TikTok advice by Googling it and found out that you really are supposed to put plastic wrap in the freezer. “ok, so I had to Google it…and you’re supposed to store it in the freezer for easier use! what else am I doing wrong?”

Another TikTok user wrote, “WHY, for the love of all things 1st world, is THIS NOT WRITTEN ON THE BOX!” Honestly, after watching enough TikTok hack videos, we’re wondering why a lot of things aren’t written on the box.

Other viewers point out how many important things they have learned on TikTok (honestly, so have we), saying, “Honestly, I’ve learned more on TikTok than I did in school LOL.”

Did you know you were supposed to put plastic wrap in the freezer? Are you going to try this hack? What’s your favorite TikTok hack?