VIDEO: Dancers Shut Down Street, Perform “Thriller” Dance On Halloween

We hope all of you had a spooky, fun, safe, and, most of all, thrilling Halloween! We know we did. Even though our favorite holiday is technically behind us, our heads are definitely still filled with elaborate decorations, ridiculously sweet treats, and, of course, the most terrifyingly awesome costumes ever!

And, while we certainly wouldn’t trade in our 2018 Halloween experience for anything, we sure do wish we were celebrating it in Buffalo, NY. That’s because a local dance company actually shut down a street and performed Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” for its neighbors–and, boy, did they do a heck of a job!

Fusion Dance Studio, the youth dance company that managed to pull off the impressive flash mob-style performance, did so with the help of the supportive city of Buffalo. Before showing off their moves, police and fire personnel closed down the street so that the amazingly-talented dancing kiddos could perform the iconic dance to the hundreds of festive revelers.

According to the dance studio’s Facebook page, the performance signified a couple of very important events–1) Halloween (duh!) and 2) the dance studio’s official recognition from the mayor.

Who knew that Buffalo, NY was such a supporter of the arts–and a Halloween capital to boot? It’s so nice to see that leaders are willing to use their resources to facilitate some scary fun. It’s a great way to bring a community together!

To watch these dancers pull off Michael Jackson’s iconic, and very spooky, “Thriller” dance, be sure to watch the video below. Those little ghouls and goblins did a great job!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this pint-sized “Thriller” tribute! Are you a fan of this dance studio’s spooky flash mob? Did a group do something similar in your town? What was the best part about your Halloween?