Mom Buys Poofy Wedding Gown at Thrift Store, Then Transforms It into Beautiful Cocktail Dress

Rummage through your wardrobe for a few minutes and it’s possible that you have a few pieces that you’d love to remake. Turn an old shirt into a shirtdress. Spin a nightgown into a romper. You’re not the only one who wants to.

Sarah Tyau is a blogger and crazy talented fashionista of the highest order. Not only does she have an eye for fashion, but she makes clothes for her own family – from thrift store finds! In a blink, she can spot new potential in old rags, and then turns them into updated threads.

The 33-year-old mom of three from Salt Lake City, Utah, runs a blog called Life is Beautiful, where she posts things like sewing projects, family adventures, and personal anecdotes. Her fashion exploits – which she calls refashions – are what’s caught the attention of the web.

Looking to save money for her family, Sarah began skimming her own closet and transforming her old clothes into designs inspired by what she saw online or in media. That was back in 2010. Now, when she snags something in a thrift shop, she can reimagine it in matter of moments.

Jackets, shirts, dresses, sweaters – you name it – are remade into new garments for her and her children. She’s even done home furnishings! Several months ago, Sarah began sharing DIY tutorials on her own YouTube channel, and once a week she invites viewers to help her refashion a thrift store find.

In addition to that, her Instagram page stays busy with before and after shots of her projects. Check out some of her designs! Oversized coats are converted into little girls’ dresses, as are men’s shirts and stretched out sweaters. Take a look at how denim gets remixed and embellishments are added to formerly plain and mundane outfits.

Scraps from many of Sarah’s projects are also refashioned. They’re turned into cute accents like bows, belts, or headbands. Just look at what she’s done with this old wedding dress.

Sarah’s heart doesn’t just go into her designs; she’s altruistic as well. She hopes to start her own clothing line with the help of her young daughters, with the proceeds all being donated to children’s charities. According to Sarah’s blog, she’s also in the process of launching a mother-daughter sewing tutorial series.

Combing through Sarah’s sites and videos conjured up old memories of my mother and grandmother teaching us how to sew. Though my skills are nowhere near their level, Sarah’s upcycled DIY projects are inspirational and a gentle nudge. I so want to try again.

Scroll through some of the pics and you’ll be hard-pressed not to sift through your own closet, attic, or local thrift store. You can keep up with Sarah’s cool, environmentally-friendly fashions on social media and her blog. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up investing in a sewing machine!

What do you think of Sarah’s creative designs? Do you also have a mean (or novice) set of sewing skills? Which items in your wardrobe would you love to transform? Share with us in the comments!