This Mother Holds Her Baby Up to the Glass. Watch What the Orangutan Does.

Few things are as adorable as animals fawning over babies! And, if you’re a fan of these fun videos, you know that apes are always the way to go. Whether it’s gorillas, monkeys, or orangutans, these apes always make an adorable spectacle when they see a pregnant mother or baby! And this is one of the cutest we’ve ever seen.

A mother is visiting the zoo with her family, and they decide to visit the orangutan habitat. The glowing mama has her newborn baby with her, slung over her shoulder in a cloth wrapping. So when she decides to take a closer look, the little baby is coming along for the ride!

Lucky for the sightseers, a gorgeous orangutan is right up near the glass when they approach. But this mom and her newborn aren’t the only ones entranced with what they see. The orangutan suddenly comes right up to the glass, presses her hands against the wall, and stares right at her newest visitors.

At first, it looks like this monkey is having a nice moment with the mother. But then, it becomes very clear what this orangutan is interested in: the baby!

Upon first glance, it seems like the ape is kissing at the mom through the glass, but suddenly she points at the mom’s shoulder. It takes us a moment, but we slowly start to realize that the orangutan is transfixed with the baby! By the looks of it, the orangutan wants to see more of the baby, because he or she is pretty well-covered in their mom’s wrappings.

Unfortunately, the video is pretty short, so we can’t be sure if the orangutan got what she wanted. Mom does walk away from the glass at the end, so it seems unlikely! But we do see the mom continue to put her baby up against the glass and the orangutan continuing to react adorably — and that is enough to make our day!

Even when the baby seems very out-of-sight, we love how the orangutan is straining and adjusting herself to get a better view! And the look on the orangutan’s face? Just adorable! She looks so happy and comforted staring at this little baby with her mama, like she’s just in love with this moment and with this baby.

Make sure to watch the video below to enjoy the entire adorable moment. Trust us, it’ll make you smile.

This so reminds us of Koko the gorilla and how much she wants to have a baby. It truly is incredible to see how strong the mother instinct is in other animals!