This is astounding. These frames look like they’re close-ups of different exotic animals – a fish, a frog, and a chameleon. But, little do we know, that our minds are being tricked into seeing these creatures. You’ll never believe what you’re ACTUALLY seeing. Watch the video below and prepare to have your mind blown.

So. Cool. Literally, my mind is blown.

These “creatures” are actually people, with extremely beautiful and complex body paint on their skin to make them appear like certain animals. They are part of an art exhibit by Italian artist Johannes Stoetter.

But it takes more than body paint to make these mind-boggling creations. Stoetter uses multiple models, hunched and contorted into bizarre shapes to create the illusion of an animal.

Stoetter is currently planning his next beastly piece of art, and I know we’re all eagerly waiting to see what beautiful, unique work he’ll create next.