The other day, something truly infuriating happened. I was walking back to my car, which was parked in a parking lot, only to discover a red ticket on the dashboard. My inspection sticker had expired the day before and I had completely forgotten to get the sticker changed. If I had read about this app a few days before this unfortunate event, I might have been able to save $50.

While this iPhone app isn’t free (it costs 99 cents), it’s certainly a handy app to have. It’s called Expires and it does exactly what the name implies. In 3 simple steps, you input anything you have that has an expiration date and set reminder alarms for those items. So say your car inspection sticker expires on March 31st (I’m still bitter), you can set a reminder on Expires for March 29th so you remember to go take care of that.

Now, you could of course take this concept and use a regular free calendar. Just input an alert for when a something is about to expire. But if you want something a little bit handier than a calendar, this could be a cool option for you.