Have you ever looked at something or heard about something and just couldn’t figure out how such a thing was possible? Perhaps you did your research. You Googled it. You read the articles and watched the videos. You asked friends and family members. No matter what, it still did not make sense.

There are many examples of crazy but true things in nature, in relationships, in every area of life. If you can’t think of an example off the top of your head, no worries; many other people have thought of them for you.

One Reddit user asked the community, “What absolutely makes no sense?” Some of the answers might make you laugh, but many of them will probably have the nodding along in agreement. 

Scroll down for 15 examples of true things that just don’t make sense.

  1. Opposites Mean the Same Thing

    Reddit user alicabblover wrote:

    Saying that you’re up for something or down for something means the exact same thing.

  2. Clouds

    Written by timtamchewycaramel:

    Clouds. Literal tonnes of water just hanging there in the air.

  3. Bones Vs Teeth

    Shared by -LyLy1219-:

    You can shatter a bone and it will heal itself but if you get a tiny cavity you gotta get that filled.

  4. Hawaii

    TrackingYourData is right that this doesn’t make sense:

    How Hawaii has an interstate

  5. Healthcare

    SeismoGeezer added:

    Linking healthcare insurance to employment.

  6. Dust

    Shared by Da_Hawk_27:

    Dust. Something sits there and does nothing and it gets dirty

  7. Cartoon Suns

    Here’s an interesting thought from -eDgAR-:

    Cartoon suns being drawn wearing sunglasses. Like what exactly are they protecting their eyes from?

  8. Drink Vs Food

    Here’s an observation from Jls9999999999999999:

    You can drink a drink but you can’t food a food

  9. Hypnosis

    Yes4Cake wrote:

    Hypnosis is an actual, documented, proven thing.Blows my mind.

  10. Airplanes

    Written by no_vxnity:

    Airplanes!! So your telling me a big heavy piece of metal can now fly because it’s in a certain shape?? Witchcraft at its finest

  11. Smoking

    Somerandomwizard doesn’t understand:

    For some reason, new people keep picking up smoking

  12. Time to Change the Clocks

    hhr577ggvvfryy66rd wrote:

    Daylight savings time

  13. Building

    Oscarr_98 added:

    Why is it called a building when it is already built?

  14. Donald Duck

    dizzley wrote:

    Donald Duck doesn’t wear pants, except when he goes swimming.

  15. The Shapes Don’t Make Sense

    El_Sacco wrote:

    We put round pizzas in squared boxes to eat them in triangles.