Have you had your coffee yet this morning? If you’re a coffee fiend, then chances are the people around you can tell whether or not you’ve had your coffee yet (am I right?) And if you fall into this category of people, then you’re likely to be delighted by the following products. Which one of these would you love to have most?

  1. The alarm clock that wakes you up with a fresh cup of coffee:
    coffee1Josh Renouf Design
  2. A lid that tells you when your coffee has cooled enough to drink it without burning your tongue:
    coffee2Smart Lid
  3. A mug for your cold hands to enjoy as well:
    coffee3Fancy Giving
  4. A sassy coffee t-shirt to let the world know how you feel:
    coffee4Thug Life Shirts
  5. A coffee mug that’s just way too massive:
    coffee5Apartment Therapy
  6. A mug that will also nestle perfectly between your knees when there aren’t any flat surfaces:
    coffee6Thelermont Upton
  7. A floating mug that doesn’t leave coffee rings:
    coffee7Floating Mug
  8. A cup that loves coffee as much as you do:
  9. Cat-shaped marshmallows for cute lattes:
    coffee9Facebook: Marshmallow Shop Yawada
  10. This mug with a built in “mouth” stirrer holder:
    coffee12The Fancy
  11. A travel mug that makes iced coffee on its own:
    coffee10Williams Sonoma
  12. For those who need a little boost in their coffee: