When we think of Crocs, we usually think of comfy shoes that are great on a hot summer day by the pool. We think of shoes our kids love to wear to play outside, and we love because they’re easy to hose off if they get dirty.

When we think of cowboy boots, we think of leather boots that are great for country fashion or for more practical reasons, like working outside on a ranch or horseback riding.

Crocs and cowboy boots – they seem like complete opposites – until now! On Crocs day, October 23rd, Crocs will begin selling a new shoe style they are calling Crocs Classic Cowboy Boots.

The boots are black and interestingly enough look a lot like classic cowboy boots and like classic Crocs. We didn’t think it was possible, but somehow it is!

According to the description on the Crocs website, Crocs claims the boots are “made for our fans and inspired by our fans’ creativity.”

Crocs describes the boots as a limited edition style on sale to celebrate “Croctober.” The description explains that the boots have “a signature Crocskin texture, metallic disco desert embroidery details, and a spinning spur on the back so you can really kick up some dirt. Plus, each pair includes a Croc Star™ Jibbitz™ charm, 2023 Cowboy Duke Jibbitz™ charm, and plenty of room to add your own personalization.”

These Croc boots can be customized with your own favorite charms, and the metallic spur on the back of the boots is removable. There are also vent holes in the Croc boots, so don’t think that these are like traditional cowboy boots. They’re closer to traditional Crocs. Dirt, mud and water can enter the boots through the vent holes.

The boots will only be available in black, but you never know. If they’re popular, maybe Crocs will release them in another color in the future.

When the Croc cowboy boots go on sale, they’ll be priced at $120. Would you pay $120 for Crocs cowboy boots? Do you think Crocs and cowboy boots are a good fashion mashup?