These days, it’s easy to become cynical about reality TV, especially considering so many of its stars exhibit little to no skill. The exception to the rule can always be found in singing competition shows. We just love the feeling of watching people become successful so quickly. It’s incredible to think how much undiscovered talent is actually out there!

Case in point is this youngster who is just barely a teen. The German kid singer is named Lukas Janisch, and his voice is absolutely breathtaking!

Most would agree that it’s inevitable that little Lukas will become a star when he grows up. From his adorable personality to that charismatic smile and incredible musical chops, we think that he will be a household name in no time at all.

As you know, every recording artist has their own path, and Lukas has already made some wise choices. At the ripe old age of 13, the singer decided to try his hand at succeeding on one of the most popular TV singing competition in his home country: The Voice Kids!

Just like the American version, the show is comprised of several celebrity judges who conduct “blind auditions” in order to make an objective pick. Viewers have really responded to the idea because it gives performers who may not naturally resemble superstars a fair chance.

So, when Lukas stepped onto the stage to show the judges his skills, he sat down at the piano – yes, he plays an instrument too! – and started singing while his supportive family watched the show from backstage. We can’t imagine how nerve-racking it must have been for his folks! It’s not exactly the typical weekend soccer game—he’s playing in front of millions.

Lukas Janisch's family and host watching monitorThe Voice Kids
Lukas sang the first note from the challenging song Alicia Keys’ “Fallin’” and immediately, the judges went wild. In fact, judge Lena Meyer-Landrut pushed her button within five seconds of the start of the song.

Not long after, the two remaining ones pushed their buttons so that they could see just who was singing this spine-tingling rendition. It’s so cool to see industry professionals get that excited about new talent. The looks on their faces said it all—the kid’s going places, and everyone knows it!

Not surprisingly, the teen did quite well after being accepted to move forward. As a matter of fact, Lukas actually went on to win the entire competition. And, though we don’t know much about his competition, we’re guessing that his win was completely warranted.

We’ve gotta admit that we have fallen in love with little Lukas. We see some really big things in this guy’s future. To witness the little boy with the HUGE voice for yourself, be sure to click on The Voice Kids’ video below.

What do you think of Lukas’ version of this Alicia Keys classic? Are you a fan of TV vocal competitions like The Voice? Do you have any talented kiddos in your life? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!