It’s almost officially summer, and we’re so excited that we’re already getting our beach bag packed. We have our usual must-have items like sunscreen, a hat and a sand bucket and shovel for the kids to build a sandcastle.

We also have a few new items we have to add to our beach bag this year, like these wine glasses and this avocado pool float; although, we’ll probably just carry the float since it won’t actually fit in the bag once it’s inflated.

Then there are the vital items: a swimsuit and a beach towel. There are so many swimsuit options out there, and this year, some of them are quite bizarre (like these denim speedos), and some of them are top of our list (like these cute suits from Target).

Then there are the swimsuits that double as a beach towel.

We know. You might need to hear that again. There is a swimsuit (kind of ) that doubles as a beach towel. Or, maybe it’s more of a beach towel that doubles as a swimsuit (but not really). We’re still scratching our heads on this one.

The $199 beach towel comes in your choice of hot pink or athletic gold. It’s a 100% cotton terry cloth beach towel, and it measures 34 inches by 70 inches.

That doesn’t sound too confusing until you get to the swimsuit part. You see, this towel has three holes in it. One hole is for you to put your head through. The other hole is for you to put your legs through. The idea is that you can wear the towel.

Here’s what the product description has to say:

Towelkini by Aria McManus melds the two essentials for all things beach, no need to carry a cumbersome towel and an easy to lose swimsuit—here they come as one, materialized as ideal. One size fits all.

Okay, but we’re still scratching our heads here. First of all, we wouldn’t say we’ve ever thought a swimsuit was easy to lose. That’s like saying your underwear is easy to lose.

Second of all, if you wear the towel without anything under it, that’s really just not going to work. If you wear the towel as shown in the Instagram picture below, you wouldn’t have anything covering your backside. Um, so not okay.


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Perhaps it’s better to think of this towelkini like a snuggie for the beach or as a terry cloth beach cover up? That would make a little bit more sense.

What do you think of the towelkini? Would you wear one to the beach this summer? What are you beach bag essentials?