We can all agree that Easter is a pretty happy holiday. You know—the kind of holiday that’s filled with lots of family time, going on Easter egg hunts, dyeing hard-boiled eggs pretty colors. Plus, you get a basket filled with candy. What could be better?

Technically, that’s a rhetorical question, but we’re going to answer it. Perhaps what could be better are the Easter Bunny costumes. You know the ones we’re talking about: the ones worn by the bunnies parents take their kids to see at malls.

Let’s face it: Most of these bunnies look like they’re potential serial killers. Some even have fangs. Honestly, who created these horrendous costumes? Why aren’t there more friendly-looking Easter bunnies? They’re made for children to visit, after all. You’d think they’d do something about the terrible Easter bunny costumes created, but this has been going on for years.

If you think we’re exaggerating, we’re honestly not. The Internet houses hundreds and thousands of bad Eater bunny photos where kids attempt to sit on their laps and end up in a rage of hysterics.

All right, so we have to admit: while most of these photos are sad, uncomfortable, awkward, and scary, they’re also pretty hilarious. But not if you’re that child, who feels terrified to be in the arms of such a creepy…thing! (Some of these we honestly can’t even refer to as “bunnies,” and you’ll see why in a moment.)

Here are just a few of the many, many horrendous Easter photos that could very well haunt you (and your child) for every Easter to come. You’ve been warned.

(Disclaimer: Don’t worry, no children were hurt in the process of taking Easter photos!)

  1. Quite literally the scariest bunny you will ever see

    Can you believe there was actually a costume that looks like this? He honestly looks like he’s going to eat this child for dinner (and that he’s pretty excited about it). Kid, we don’t blame you. We’d be crying and freaking out too if we were in this so-called bunny’s arms.

  2. Tormented twins

    If we had to write a newspaper headline for this photo it would be: Terrified twins tormented by terrible thingie— because really, is that even a bunny? We’re sorry, girls.

  3. What nightmares are made of

    Can you just hear the maniacal laugh coming from this so-called friendly Easter Bunny? These poor children. The boy is terrified, and the girl is definitely unsure if they’re going to get out of there alive. Express

  4.  Petrified in purple

    Now there’s a photo op for Easter cards. Honestly, what was the person underneath this costume thinking? We know: That they want to eat this poor innocent child. (Side note: Is that a tutu around the bunny’s neck? We have so many questions.)

  5. Face paint madness

    This costume doesn’t even cover the person’s face! They clearly thought that creepy face paint was better than covering up their face completely, and they were very, very wrong. This picture is just full of regret on every account possible. Even his ears are drooping.

For tons more of these Easter photos gone wrong, check out the hilarious video below!

What will you be doing for Easter this year, if you celebrate? Hopefully not scarring children by taking them to visit a spine-chilling Easter bunny!