This Lady Loves Cats So Much That She Lives With 1,000 of Them!

Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, it’s hard to deny the power that cats hold over humans. These bewitching mammals are known for being cute, but more often than not, they are dissed for their stubborn ways. Nevertheless, there certainly are legions of cat lovers out there who would do anything they could for their feline brothers and sisters.

Take California’s Lynea Lattanzio, for instance. You see, the self-professed “eccentric, crazy cat lady” and star of today’s viral clip shares her large, 4,200-square-foot home with as many as ONE THOUSAND cats at a time!

Lattanzio says that she has a particular fascination with the four-legged animals because they are, in her words, “independent… beautiful, and graceful.” She sees what all cat lovers see; the difference with this feline caretaker is that she is strong in her conviction that each and every single one deserves a loving home.

As a matter of fact, the hero to kitties everywhere says that she has taken in around 28,000 cats in her lifetime. We weren’t able to find an official record on that, but we bet she holds it!

Along with having a personal passion for rescuing the animals, she is also the founder of the largest no-cage sanctuary for feral and abandoned cats in the state, called the Cat House on the Kings. As we mentioned, she does run this endeavor completely out of her house, which has more than a few drawbacks…

Now, remember when we said that she “shares” her home with 1,000 cats? It turns out we were fudging the story just a little bit. You see, Lattanzio has actually gone a step further than that. In order to get as many cats housed as possible, she has actually moved out of her massive home and into a trailer that sits just next to the house on her property.

She has literally sacrificed the comfort of a roomy five-bedroom with a view, just so that her furry buddies can have a good life. Talk about commitment!

We’re not sure if Lattanzio was planning on gifting her property to these animals, but she did admit that there “wasn’t room” for her to stay in the main house anymore—the operation just got too large!

As you probably already guessed, she does have full-time employees and many dedicated volunteers that help her care for the animals. All in all, with food, staffing, medical for the cats, and general overhead, it costs the facility about $1.6 million to run EVERY YEAR! We’re just going to let you sit with that for a second…

We think it goes without saying that you have to see this unlikely animal kingdom for yourself. Click on the video below to get an idea of what it’s like to share your house with one thousand cats. That’s a whole lot of fur!

What do you think of Lattanzio’s mission? Do you have an impressive number of cats? Why are you a cat lover? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!