Mason Jars are rockstars in the kitchen, and they can be used for a variety of recipes. Mason jar salads are all the rage (since they make for quick, easy and fresh lunches that won’t leak. But if you pack it correctly, you could end up with a salad that’s underdressed or soggy. The secret to the perfect Mason Jar salad is layering. Here’s what you do, in order:
  1. Add the dressing first. You can also use this helpful tip from YumSugar:

    I’ve also found it helpful to place onions at the bottom, if I’m using them, because soaking them in the dressing helps dilute the strong onion taste and prevents onion breath at work.

  2. Next add a base layer that won’t soak up the dressing. Try carrots, cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas or chickpeas.
  3. Keep layering with your chosen ingredients and pack as tightly as possible. The less air that’s between your layers, the longer the salad will stay fresh.
  4. Use your greens as the final layer. If you’re using cheese or nut, then you’ll want to sprinkle those on top of the greens.
  5. Twist on the tops, place in the fridge and you’re all set. When you’re ready to enjoy your Mason jar salad, just pour it out into a bowl and toss.