If you needed some good news today, we think this is it. 

Wearing a face mask is new to many of us, but health care workers have been wearing face masks for a very long time. We definitely don’t consider it new or unusual for doctors and nurses to wear face masks while they’re at work. Regardless, an image of a doctor with his face mask being pulled away from his face completely represents 2020. 

Dr Samer Cheaib is a gynecologist in based in the UAE. After delivering a newborn baby, someone snapped a picture at just the right moment.

In the photo, Dr Cheaib is holding up a newborn baby, but the newborn baby’s left hand has a firm grip on the doctor’s face mask. In fact, the little one’s grip is so strong that the mask is completely pulled away from the doctor’s face, revealing his face and a huge smile.

Dr Cheaib posted the photo on social media, and it quickly went viral. The photo itself is remarkable, but the text he included with the photo makes it perfection. Dr Cheaib wrote, “We all want sign are we going to take off the mask soon.”

When you look at the picture with the text in mind, it makes it even more remarkable. Now, we’re not just seeing a newborn baby and a smiling doctor. We’re seeing exactly how we all feel. Just imagine the big smiles on all of our faces when face masks are no longer necessary and the pandemic is behind us.

In the comments on Instagram, many people are feeling encouraged by the photo. There are over 13,000 comments, many calling the picture “Best photo 2020” and simply “the best picture.” 

Other comments are even more hopeful, such as, “Such a meaningful picture & words full of positivity.” 

Another comment reads, “Probably it is a sign.” Oh, how we hope so.

We definitely can’t put our hope of returning to “normal” in a photo of a newborn baby, but this photo certainly represents how we feel. The baby crying at the face mask and the doctor smiling when the mask is removed; it truly is perfection.