The Fastest Way to Peel a Dozen Eggs at Once

We’ve seen some really cool methods for peeling eggs quickly, especially recently. It’s a task that no one likes spending time doing, but at least now we’re armed with some great egg-peeling tips. However, what if you’re, say, making a batch of deviled eggs for a party and you need to peel a dozen eggs? Believe it or not, you can peel them all at once relatively easily with this awesome hack courtesy of the Crazy Russian Hacker:

This is a great tip for when you’re making egg salad or any other dish that requires many hard-boiled eggs.

Over the years at Tip Hero, we’ve come across a lot of ideas and suggestions related to making the egg-peeling process easier. For example, there’s another tip for peeling a single hard-boiled egg quickly here. And it has been suggested that boiling eggs with baking soda can help with peeling fresh eggs (though it can give the egg a more pronounced “sulfery” smell), as The Kitchn points out. This article also notes that baking soda didn’t seem to make much of a difference, and that one suggestion they’d heard is to slightly crack the eggs after they’ve been boiled and before placing them in cold water.

Please tell us in the Comments below the best way you’ve found to peel eggs.

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