We’d all like to think there’s a manual to adulthood that shows us the best way to perform basic tasks, but in reality most of us stumble along figuring things out for ourselves. Sometimes things can fall through the cracks— things like the most efficient way to clean your crock pot. Even if you’re sure your way is the best, we can all use a refresher course sometimes, and The 5th Brick House On the Right is here to give us one with this step-by-step guide to cleaning both the base and the crock of your slow cooker.


Cleaning Crock Pot ToolsThe 5th Brick House On the Right

– Easy-Off (Fume Free) oven cleaner
– Bar Keepers Friend powdered cleaner
– Scrubber


  1. Spray the Easy-Off oven cleaner into the base and set it aside to sit.
  2. Wet the surface of the crock and sprinkle on Bar Keepers Friend.
  3. Sprinkle some Bar Keepers Friend on your scrubber. The powder should be creating a paste.
    Cleaning Crock Pot Crock PasteThe 5th Brick House On the Right
  4. Gently scrub the crock for about 5 minutes, depending on how dirty it is. No elbow grease should be required!
  5. Now that the base has been sitting for at least 5 minutes with the oven cleaner, turn your attention back to it. Simply wipe the stains with your scrubber and they should come right off!
Cleaning Crock Pot Before and AfterThe 5th Brick House On the Right

Good, practical advice. It’s always good to have a refresher! What are your favorite go-to cleaning products? Also, be honest— how often do you clean the base of your crock pot?