You Can Get Thanksgiving Dinner at Cracker Barrel This Year for Only $13 Per Person

While tradition reigns at many Thanksgiving dinner tables, the last few years have shown us there is much to be gained through cooking shortcuts. And by shortcuts, we mean ordering up the whole feast!

Cracker Barrel is selling Thanksgiving meals that are pre-cooked and ready to be reheated for the big day. If you love the chain’s food, then you’ll be happy to know this fully catered spread is available in two options, and both have you covered in the turkey department.

The largest, called Heat N’ Serve Holiday Family Meal To-Go, serves 10 people and is chilled, requiring refrigeration (or heating) upon pickup. It can be picked up from November 23 to December 1. For $129.99, you can get the following for your dinner:

  • Two roasted turkey breasts
  • Cornbread dressing
  • 3 sides
  • Cranberry relish
  • Turkey gravy
  • Sweet Rolls
  • Pumpkin and pecan pies

The other catered option serves 6, can be picked up HOT with two turkey breasts, cornbread dressing, cranberry relish, 3 sides, and bread. It will run you $79.99. Both should be ordered at least 24 hours ahead of pickup, which can be done online or by calling your local store.

Sorry, no à la carte items but you can order up a few pies to serve for dessert! The whole meal is a great option for folks who want to skip the major cooking, aren’t into cooking, or those who want to pull off the perfect ruse. We won’t tell.

If you want to partake in a Thanksgiving meal at the restaurant, it will begin serving a traditional menu at 11:00 that holiday morning.

Cracker Barrel isn’t the only Thanksgiving catering game in town. Check out some of the other places dishing out mouth-watering, home-cooked menus by clicking on this Buzz60 video!

Does this Cracker Barrel meal sound like a plan to you? Have you ever had a holiday meal catered?