Here Are 15 of the Hottest Thanksgiving Centerpieces!

Thanksgiving is truly one of the most special times of year! To get in the spirit, we’d like to share some of the most creative Thanksgiving centerpiece projects out there. If you’re anything like we are, then you know that attending to the holiday decorating can be just as fun as pigging out. Believe us, you’ll be going out to buy gold paint for your pumpkins after seeing these pictures!

  1. Citrus Centerpieces

    An unexpected way to add a pop of color to any table!

  2. Bird of Paradise Napkin Fold

    Looks difficult to master, but we promise that the fold is easier than it looks.

  3. Painted Vases

    A foolproof – and inexpensive! – way to display multicolored vases at the dinner table.

  4. Frosted Candle Holder

    One of the more glamorous additions on this list. Believe it or not, all you will need is a glass vase, frosted spray paint, and rubber bands.

  5. Traditional Pumpkin Vase

    The classic centerpiece pumpkin that we all want to see on the Thanksgiving table!

  6. Succulent Pumpkin Vase

    A spin on the traditional pumpkin vase. Instead of fresh flowers, fill the pumpkin with an unexpected addition—succulents.

  7. Marbled Pumpkin

    An absolutely gorgeous way to show your fall pride! Start with a white pumpkin, and remember to add black and gold details to achieve that marbled effect.

  8. Wheat and Pinecone Centerpiece

    Spray paint pinecones in a metallic hue and prop up a bundle of wheat by tying it in a decorative ribbon. Adorn with LED tea candles.

  9. Giving Thanks Candles

    Such a classy way to remind your guests of what the Thanksgiving holiday is all about!

  10. Fall Candle Holder

    This project works well when you use an old frame as the base. Simply embellish with a burlap material and surround the candle with painted pinecones.

  11. Floating Candle Arrangement

    A great option for an intimate evening Thanksgiving meal. Simply display glass vases of varying heights as a centerpiece. Fill each with water and illuminate the floating candles.

  12. Chalkboard Note Centerpiece

    We love this particular project for its simplicity! Take an old plate and slather on some chalkboard paint in its center. Finish it up by writing your own personal Thanksgiving message in the middle.

  13. Gourd Arrangement

    Nothing says fall like gourds! Find some that you really love, and don’t be afraid to paint them if you want to glam them up! Place the plants inside a ring of festive autumn flowers.

  14. Cork Photo Name Card

    A great way to make all of your Thanksgiving guests feel special! Find a picture of each loved one and stand it up in a hollowed cork. This gesture will be sure to impress!

  15. Branch Candle Centerpiece

    This is a bit more of an involved project, but the results are well worth the labor put in! This branch candle centerpiece serves as a rustic ornament for any communal table.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving centerpiece on the list? Do you have a special centerpiece that you make each fall? Are there any unique Thanksgiving rituals that your family follows? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!